Cannabis Product Liability on a Global Scale


Cannabis Product Liability on a Global Scale

Industry leaders meet to discuss implications of emerging international markets, cannabis legislation and cannabis product options for business in a growing international cannabis marketplace.

Sacramento, CA, April 3, 2017 — Michael Aberle, Senior Vice President, Next Wave Insurance Services, LLC, and cannabis insurance specialist joins a panel of renowned cannabis scientists, lobbyists and pharmaceutical experts in Berlin, Germany to discuss Product Liability and emerging trends in a new age of international cannabis products.

Held April 10-12, 2017, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), is the first ever international business to business cannabis conference. Renowned experts in the cannabis industry will gather to discuss emerging legislation and concerns for cannabis businesses entering international markets. With new legislation in Germany and other countries changing the landscape for imports and sale of medicinal cannabis products, businesses are examining the existing and emerging potential for product liability, especially with international contracts and trade.

Michael Aberle, with more than twelve years underwriting and specialization in medical cannabis and hemp insurance and product liability, joins a panel of international business experts and medical cannabis specialists to discuss the intricacies and outline the steps to insuring successful international cannabis businesses. “The risks of importing cannabis products can be complex,” offers Aberle.

“There are specifics of coverage for product recalls and foreign policy-holder concerns which need to be addressed if businesses wish to sensibly distribute to international markets.”

Next Wave Insurance underwrites cannabis, hemp and CBD operations in the US and Internationally. “We’re poised to work with countries and companies supportive of cannabis reform in the import of products from the U.S. and abroad,” says Aberle. “There’s some incredible business opportunities here,” he adds, “but you’ve got to understand your coverages and your liabilities.”

Panels held during the first ICBC include “A New Era: Imports and Exports,” in which Mike Aberle joins international pharmaceutical specialist Marc Lustig and brain research pharmacist Reinhard Horowski to discuss intellectual property, specialized equipment, risks and liabilities from inventory, to living plants, money and securities, warehousing and contamination. “We’re excited to have this forum and access to such industry specialists and cannabis pioneers,” says Aberle. Other panels and discussions include: Testing and Standardization, International Medical Cannabis Policies and International Cannabis Lobbying efforts.

“The ICBC and Next Wave Insurance are on the leading edge of the burgeoning international cannabis trade. This first ever cannabis business conference in Berlin is just one more step in the global reform of cannabis policy and international trade and we’re very excited for the future of cannabis business opportunities,” Aberle adds.

About Next Wave Insurance Services, LLC — Next Wave Insurance Services, LLC is the leading underwriter of cannabis businesses in the legalized states. Next Wave provides the most comprehensive insurance program available to the cannabis industry. Distributed through a network of experienced retail brokers, Next Wave provides cannabis business owners with the proper coverage and service. The underwriting specialists with Next Wave Insurance maintain more than a decade of experience with medicinal and recreational cannabis operations including coverage for cannabis cultivators; processors and harvesters; dispensary operators, laboratories, equipment manufacturers, transportation companies and more.

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