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Restaurant Package and Liquor Liability

Restaurant and Liquor Liability Package
Restaurant Package and Liquor Liability

A.M. Best A-Rated insurance company, North Pointe, has partnered with Next Wave Insurance Services to offer access to their package and liquor liability coverage for restaurants and food establishments. Policies are available to restaurants with properly trained staff where liquor sales are less than 75 percent of total revenue. New ventures can be eligible, subject to confirmation of management experience. DJs, Karaoke and single-person performances are acceptable in the establishment, but "shows or attractions" held in the establishment would make the risk unacceptable under this program. As safety is always a concern in underwriting risks, eligible establishments must be housed in buildings under 25 years of age, be equipped with adequate exit signage and safety equipment and maintaining UL-300 "wet suppression" automatic extinguishing systems on all cook surfaces and deep-fat fryers. North Pointe would expect all risks to maintain a written procedure for periodic observation of all walking surfaces during operating hours. Potentially ineligible risks include restaurants without proper training programs for employees, establishments sponsoring sports teams or hosting special events and restaurants with liquor sales in excess of 50 percent. Buildings older than 25 years, but less than 40 years old, may still be eligible, but documentation of updates for plumbing, electrical and HVAC must be provided. Mechanical amusements and bring your own bottle restaurants, as well as buffet restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and live entertainment are ineligible for coverage under this program. For more information regarding the North Pointe Restaurant Program or to become an appointed Next Wave producer, contact or call (619)232-3900.

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